Responsible cargo storage

LLC "Rona-2" provides services of responsible storage of goods in the city of Dnipro. The company has at its disposal large storage areas with modern equipment. The staff includes qualified personnel with extensive experience. We accept for storage goods of various nomenclature and dimensions. In warehouses, the necessary regime of humidity and temperature, including negative temperature, is organized. Cargoes are placed in optimal conditions, depending on the volume and quality characteristics. A cooperation agreement is concluded with the customer, according to which further work is carried out.

Responsible approach

Storage of goods by "Rona-2"


Responsible storage of goods by Rona-2 is a modern approach to warehouse logistics. The list of services includes not only long-term placement of goods in storage areas, but also other types of work:

  • loading and unloading using specialized equipment;
  • processing and sorting of goods, preparation of lots for shipment to final recipients, piece selection;
  • marking;
  • cross docking services;
  • processing of returns and defective goods.

Thus, LLC “Rona-2” provides responsible storage of goods “turnkey”. For customers, this means optimizing the costs of the logistics component, saving time and labor.

Competitive advantages of the company "Rona-2"


The service of responsible storage of goods of LLC Rona-2 is:

  • Competent documentation of cooperation.
  • Regular detailed reports to the customer on the placement and movement of goods in the warehouse.
  • Application of modern information technologies for cargo accounting. Used programs are easily integrated with customer software.
  • Full liability for goods located in the warehouse of the company.
  • Operational loading, unloading, processing, sorting of goods.
  • Convenient transport location.
  • The presence of wide entrances, specialized platforms for waiting for passenger and heavy vehicles.
  • Favorable pricing policy - the customer pays only for the actually occupied warehouse space.


Компания принимает на хранение грузы различной номенклатуры, в том числе крупногабаритные и негабаритные. На складах «Рона-2» в г. Днепр размещается пищевая продукция, промышленные товары, строительные материалы, оборудование, бытовая техника и т.д.

Работа с грузами ведется круглосуточно. Отгрузка товаров со склада по требованию заказчика - в день подачи заявки.

Save budget, time and effort - use the services of responsible storage of goods of LLC "Rona-2".

Responsible storage of goods

Firms engaged in trade need storage space, this is the foundation of the business. Only large enterprises can afford well-equipped warehouses; for most small firms, the construction of their own premises requires an excessive investment of finance and time, which is spent on the preparation of the necessary documentation.

Recently, secure storage services are becoming more and more popular, this option is becoming popular in Ukraine, since it can significantly reduce the costs associated with renting a warehouse.

Benefits of secure storage of goods in a warehouse

Today in our country there are many warehouses for safekeeping, their total area is about 20 thousand square meters. meters.

Responsible storage of cargo assumes that the warehouse bears full 100% responsibility for the safety of the delivered goods. Your goods are insured and in case of loss or damage to goods, you will receive compensation.

Our company employs highly qualified personnel who will be responsible for the safety of your goods.

The service of secure storage of goods includes a whole range of operations, such as loading / unloading goods, acceptance and picking, marking, accounting and control of the movement of goods in the warehouse.

The RONA-2 LLC enterprise has introduced an automated goods accounting system, which greatly facilitates the processes associated with bar-coding, accounting and inventory of products, all management functions are performed automatically.

By renting a safekeeping warehouse, you get a guarantee of complete safety and security of your products. Working with RONA-2 LLC, you can be absolutely sure of the safety of the cargo transferred to storage. Warehouses located in Dnepropetrovsk and Pavlograd are equipped with the latest technology, they respect fire safety and temperature conditions. They are equipped with convenient access roads and accept for storage goods of a wide variety of nature, including oversized cargo, such as boats and yachts, large agricultural machinery, industrial equipment. You can hand over a variety of goods for safekeeping - from food products to building materials and household appliances.

As a result, you will receive competent documentary support of goods, full reports on the movement of your products in the warehouse, prompt carrying out of operations for loading / unloading, labeling, sorting and processing of goods.

The cost of services for safekeeping warehouses in Ukraine is quite democratic, using this service in Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev or Odessa, you will be satisfied with the price. In the event that a warehouse is rented, you have to pay the full rental cost, while in a safekeeping warehouse you pay only for the space occupied by your goods.

If you want to transfer your goods to the safekeeping warehouse at RONA-2 LLC, call our manager or leave a request on the website.

Interested in cooperation?

We do not just store your cargo, but we are responsible for the quality of safety and its quantity. We are reliable assistant in business with an individual approach to customers.