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Outsourcing of warehouse services

Save yourself of warehouse hassle by entrusting our company with questions.


Competent maintenance of warehouse records by our «turnkey specialists».

Cargo marking

All your inventory remains under reliable and vigilant control.

Cargo storage

Professional and operational storage operations.

Storage of mineral fertilizers

Responsible storage of mineral fertilizers, pesticides, agrochemicals.

Cross docking

Company services can save up to 40% in logistics costs.

Warehouse services

The modern economy is characterized by an increase in the stages of production of goods. Effectively running a profitable business requires proper storage of manufactured goods. Products, which will then be distributed among consumers, must be stored in technically equipped premises. Often, many small firms do not have their own warehouses, therefore, in this case, outsourcing warehouse services are becoming extremely popular.

Why is the warehouse logistics service beneficial?

The main advantages of outsourced warehouse logistics include:

No delays during unloading / loading of products;

Providing guarantees for the safety of cargo, in particular; fragile or perishable goods;

Availability of cargo insurance;

Well-established system of control and accounting of goods.

Logistic warehouses of the company "RONA-2"

There are quite a few logistics firms, but not all of them can provide the proper quality of services.

LLC "RONA-2" has been providing its clients with logistic warehouses for storage of a wide variety of goods for 10 years. We will help to preserve goods with different dimensions, cost, requirements for storage conditions.

Warehouses with a total area of ​​12,000 square meters, located in Dnepropetrovsk and Pavlograd, are ready to receive your products. They are equipped with the latest technology, the warehouses comply with both fire safety and temperature conditions, there are convenient entrances.

Our own vehicle fleet of specialized equipment is designed to service warehouses, and a large staff of warehouse employees will take care of the complete safety of your products.

Warehouse logistics, being one of the components of the production cycle, must be accurate and well thought out. In this area there are no unshakable and universal principles, but an individual approach, which is the credo of our company, ensures efficient and uninterrupted operation of the warehouse.

We provide our clients with the service of warehouse accounting and accounting, you can be absolutely sure that all documentation will be in perfect order. An innovative computer program is used for accounting. We exercise control over the condition of the stored goods, specialists carefully monitor that they do not deteriorate and do not lie for too long. Your goods will be left at the warehouse on time and sent to the company. We provide round-the-clock work with cargo.

If necessary, the required products can be labeled. We will apply a barcode, graphic and text information to your products. The labeling process will facilitate the identification of the cargo for placement and sorting.

The prices for warehouse services are reasonable, we provide warehouses for both large enterprises and small firms. A contract is concluded with the customer for the services provided, reports on the receipt and movement of goods are regularly sent.

Save time and money - use the warehouse logistics service in Ukraine (Dnipro, Odessa, Kiev). Leave applications on the site or call the manager to clarify any questions.

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We do not just store your cargo, but we are responsible for the quality of safety and its quantity. We are reliable assistant in business with an individual approach to customers.