Outsourcing warehouse services Dniper

Outsourcing of warehouse services is the transfer of tasks related to logistics and storage of goods to a third-party organization. For enterprises, this approach is often more appropriate than organizing your own logistics unit in the company structure. Outsourcing of the logistics component is an opportunity to free up funds from the enterprise budget and redirect it to other, more priority goals.

Advantages of outsourcing warehouse services



The absence of paying property tax expenses, maintenance of storage facilities, vehicles, and special equipment.


Economy of resources

No need for warehouse staff (storekeepers, movers, technicians, logisticians, etc.).


Smart approach

Responsible attitude to the organization of storage, handling and movement of goods of our customers.

Thus, by transferring the warehouse to outsourcing a specialized company, the head of the enterprise can focus on other areas of business development. The customer will have confidence that the goods are properly stored in the warehouse and will be delivered to the recipient in the required time, in the required quantity and quality.

Outsourcing warehouse services

Rona-2 offers

LLC "Rona-2" outsources warehouse services in Dnipro. The company has at its disposal its own storage facilities with optimal conditions for storing goods of various sizes and nomenclatures. In our park there are heavy and light vehicles, special equipment for loading and unloading goods.

LLC "Rona-2"
Competitive advantages
  • modern software and technical equipment of warehouses
  • favorable transport location, wide access to warehouses, the presence of parking for vehicles of various types;
  • convenient schedule of work, allowing to solve tasks related to the delivery and storage of goods in a short time;
  • the close-knit team of warehouse employees working responsibly, clearly and friendly;
  • regular detailed reports on the condition and movement of goods in stock;
  • transparent pricing policy, reasonable tariffs for enterprises of different scales and forms of ownership.


Outsourcing of warehouse services is developed for each customer based on specific needs and financial capabilities. Payment - only for services prescribed in the cooperation agreement and actually provided to the client.

Outsource the warehouse to Rona-2 -relieve yourself of responsibility and focus on the main areas of business development!

Warehouse outsourcing

The economy is growing in Ukraine. Business activity in the country has increased significantly, turnover is increasing, so there is a need for warehouse storage.

Own warehouse or outsourced warehouse?

Some enterprises prefer to store their products in their own warehouses, but it is not always possible to create all the necessary conditions in such premises.

The construction of warehouses requires the purchase of land plots with registration, the recruitment of qualified personnel, which requires a lot of time and financial costs, therefore, it cannot always be considered rational.

In most cases, enterprises' own warehouses are not heated, they do not comply with the temperature regime, there is no rack equipment and goods are not stored rationally.

In recent years, warehouse outsourcing has become widespread in Ukraine.

Warehouse outsourcing service includes not only warehouse rental, but also warehouse logistics, customs clearance, and responsible storage of cargo. This is very beneficial, because all the questions about hiring personnel and their training do not concern you at all, you will not worry that the loader is sick, and the storekeeper did not come to work. You will not be disturbed by the maintenance of warehouse equipment. At the same time, the cost of cargo handling will be minimal. By ordering warehouse outsourcing, you free up the time required for the development of your business in specialized areas. At the same time, you will know that your goods are under protection, warehouse and accounting records are kept on them.

Warehouse outsourcing advantages

Turning to the company "RONA-2" LLC, you can be absolutely sure that your company will be provided with the following conditions:

Reliable warehouse storage system;

Modern equipment for storage and transportation of goods

Highly qualified service personnel

Well-established cargo accounting system

LLC "RONA-2" has been operating for over a decade, offering warehousing services to large and small enterprises. We know very well that our customers are concerned about the observance of commercial secrets, fear of entrusting their products, fear that warehouse accounting will be violated, uncertainty about the advisability of outsourcing.

Working with us, you will not be asked such agonizing questions, since all conditions are negotiated in advance and fixed in the contract. For our part, we can guarantee a reduction in the financial costs of your company, receiving high-quality service, a significant increase in liquidity and turnover of the company's assets. Using advanced technologies in logistics and warehousing of goods, we give you the opportunity to fully focus on your core business.

Favorable pricing policy makes an outsourced warehouse a valuable acquisition, the cost of this service is not too high. The price is calculated individually, while a contract is concluded with the customer for the provided range of services. The following points are fixed in the contract: characteristics of goods, conditions and terms of storage, schedule of loading / unloading, material responsibility of the parties.

You can order warehouse outsourcing in Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev or Odessa by leaving a request on the website or by calling the manager by phone.

Interested in cooperation?

We do not just store your cargo, but we are responsible for the quality of safety and its quantity. We are reliable assistant in business with an individual approach to customers.