Customs warehouse
with a railway line

The customs warehouse is a special mode of storage of imported and exported goods.

In this storage mode, the goods are under the control of the customs authorities and are not subject to customs duties and taxes for a certain period. For most goods of imported origin - this period is up to 3 years.

a specially

equipped warehouse

Professional security is responsible for safety. Goods are stored under round-the-clock video surveillance.

Access to storage facilities is available only to a strictly defined list of persons of warehouse employees together with an employee of the Dnipropetrovsk customs. Our warehouse has a favorable location and convenient transportation.

It has its own railway line for loading and unloading goods from railway carriages.

Advantages of a customs warehouse for non-residents - owners of goods:

  • goods belong to a foreign owner (producer or supplier), the side of the foreign economic contract for the storage;
  • the goods are stored for safekeeping under customs control;
  • there is the possibility of crushing or forming small consignments with next customs clearance of them to import status;
  • it is possible to fulfill many actions with goods under customs control (before customs clearance) and before transferring them to the buyer in Ukraine: the goods are prepared for sale and transportation, collected and split parties, sendings to different recipients, sorting, packaging and repacking of goods, marking the goods, loading, unloading, take a sample or samples of goods and others;
  • the Foreign company (Owner of the goods) can sell this product to any buyer from Ukraine;
  • when changing the market conditions of Ukraine or if it is necessary to send goods to a third country, the goods leave the country, without paying import taxes. We can arrange this on the very day when the shipment order was received.

The movement of goods across the border of Ukraine and various operations with them require the issuance of appropriate documentation. Imported goods must be legally stored somewhere before their official registration, and for this there is a customs warehouse with a railway line Ukraine, which can be rented in the cities of Kiev, Dnipro, Odessa. The customs regime implies the storage of goods imported to Ukraine under customs control, without tax collection, and without other restrictions on the storage time.

A customs warehouse with a railway line is needed, first of all, for companies that work with the supply of goods by rail. The RONA-2 company provides for rent a customs warehouse with a railway line with convenient access roads for loading and unloading goods in cities such as Kiev, Dnipro, Odessa. Our bonded warehouse is equipped in accordance with all the requirements of the customs authorities.

The customs warehouse of the RONA-2 company has a connected railway line from the main railway, which makes it possible to fit wagons, tanks, platforms with containers without problems. RRP are carried out either manually (for fragile goods), or using forklifts (for pallets), or using a crane-beam (for oversized heavy loads).

Customs warehouse with railway line Ukraine - advantages of using:

- A customs warehouse is convenient first of all because you do not have to pay a state duty for storing goods in it.

- Placement of goods at a customs warehouse with the Odessa railway line does not imply obtaining a license.

- The customs warehouse with a railway line Ukraine has its own railway access line, which allows the simultaneous handling of several cars.

- The customs warehouse with a railway line Kiev is equipped with the latest loading and unloading equipment and machinery.

- The customs warehouse with the railway is equipped with an integrated security system, video surveillance and round-the-clock security.

Customs warehouse with a railway branch from the company "RONA-2" Ukraine - services

Offering our customers complex solutions, we carry out the following operations with goods in the customs warehouse:

- Preparation of goods for transportation and sale with the permission of the customs authorities: sorting, packaging, marking, batching, PRP, formation of shipments.

- Representing the interests of the customer to the customs authorities of Ukraine.

- Declaration and clearance of cargo with storage in a customs warehouse or without storage.

- Inventory of goods, provision of complete and transparent reporting to the client.

- Ensuring the safety and security of the goods, the invariability of its characteristics.

- Responsible storage in warehouses in the cities of Dnipro, Kiev, Odessa.

What kind of cargo is accepted by a customs warehouse with a railway line Ukraine

Not all goods can be brought to the customs warehouse, but only those, the import, export and transit of which are not prohibited by the legislation of Ukraine.

Also, goods that can potentially cause damage to goods in the neighborhood, and those goods that need special storage conditions, can only be placed in a specially equipped customs warehouse in the cities of Kiev, Odessa, Dnipro.

Advantages of cooperation with the company "RONA-2"

- Convenient location of the warehouse near the main routes of communication.

- We accept full financial responsibility for goods stored and processed in our warehouses.

- We provide all the necessary conditions for storing goods - the required temperature regime, lighting and humidity regime.

- We hire only experienced, proven employees who can be relied on.

- The latest modern equipment - loading equipment, overhead cranes, ramps with floating dock levelers, as well as convenient functional software for cargo accounting, which is easily integrated with the client's software.

- We accept any volume of cargo in the cities of Odessa, Dnipro, Kiev for work at a customs warehouse with a railway branch.

- Our warehouse operations are fully automated, the probability of errors is minimal.

- At the request of the customer, we will provide legal advice on the storage of goods in a customs warehouse in Ukraine.

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