Cross-docking services in Dniper

Cross-docking is an effective technology in logistics. It implies direct deliveries of goods by the sender to the recipient, without long-term storage of goods in a warehouse. Companies that provide cross-docking services use the warehouse as a transshipment base as a sorting center. The use of cross-docking technology reduces the cost of the logistics component in the enterprise. Payment of rent of warehouse space for long-term cargo placement is excluded. Goods are delivered faster to the final consumer.

Qualitatively and on favorable conditions
Advantages of cross docking with "Rona-2"
  • Competent documentation of a cooperation agreement with a detailed description of all conditions.
  • Reporting at all stages of the provision of services. The customer will be able to control the through storage process.
  • Full liability for the goods of the customer.
  • Operational work involving qualified personnel with extensive experience, using specially equipped storage areas, modern equipment.
  • Favorable pricing policy. Only the actually provided cross-docking services are paid, without additional costs not specified in the contract.

In which cases is it possible to use through storage technology?


Cross-docking is a logistics technology that is used in the work of companies:

  • with large constant deliveries of goods that do not require complex processing at the warehouse before being sent to the final consumer;
  • with perishable goods that need to be delivered to the recipient as quickly as possible to minimize returns;
  • with seasonal, promotional items, promotional materials that will be relevant for a limited period of time;
  • with oversized cargo, which is expensive to place for long-term storage in a warehouse;
  • with goods that have a constantly high demand from the consumer;
  • with urgent deliveries.


Thus, cross-docking services optimize the logistics component of the enterprise. This is an indispensable technology in cases where the time factor is crucial. The final cost of the goods is reduced due to exclusion from the logistics chain of storage in the warehouse. At the same time, quality characteristics remain unchanged.

Application features

Types of cross docking

Depending on customer needs and cargo features, cross-docking can be one-stage and two-stage. One-stage cross-docking involves sending goods to the recipient from the warehouse unchanged. There is a transshipment of cargo from one vehicle to another or deconsolidation of one lot and sending to several vehicles to the recipients.

In a two-stage through storage, the cargo arriving at the cross-docking site is processed and reformed. Sub-sorting from stock occurs, consolidation and re-consolidation, picking, etc. But long-term placement of cargo in the warehouse is excluded.

Services of the "Rona-2" companysave up to 40% logistics costs.

Cross-docking services

In modern conditions, the least expensive form of delivery from the consignor to the consignee is in high demand. Therefore, both transportation technologies themselves and resource management are being improved, supply chains are constantly being modernized. Each firm strives to increase its capital and reduce delivery costs. Often a problem arises that is directly related to a large number of warehouse operations, which greatly slows down the time spent on the delivery of goods. An excellent way to deal with this problem is by using cross-docking technology, thereby significantly reducing storage costs.

Benefits and efficiency of cross-docking

Cross-docking service means organizing the acceptance and shipment of goods directly, in this case your products will not be stored in the warehouse for a long time. This allows you to significantly reduce the delivery time of goods and reduce warehouse costs.

Cross-docking can take place in one or two stages. With one-stage cross-docking, the goods, arriving at the warehouse, are immediately loaded into vehicles. Whereas the two-stage process involves reformatting the goods in the warehouse: packing, labeling, combining into orders.

The cross-docking service is widespread all over the world, it is successfully used not only by Western corporations giants such as TheHomeDepot and Wal-Mart, but also by Ukrainian companies. This service is especially in demand by online stores that do not have their own warehouses for storing goods.

The main advantages of the cross-docking technology include:

1 Increase in the rate of turnover;

2 Significant reduction in storage costs;

3 Requires a minimum of equipment and maintenance personnel;

4 Reducing warehouse rental costs

This warehouse technology has a positive impact on the speed and quality of service for shippers and consignees, offering them great prospects in today's market.

Cross-docking from the company "RONA-2"

Our company is at the peak of new technologies, therefore we offer a demanded and efficient cross-docking technology. This service is especially in demand for consumer goods, products of advertising companies, perishable goods.

Your products are delivered to our warehouses in Dnepropetrovsk and Pavlograd, if necessary, reformatted and packaged, and then sent to the delivery address.

Our employees effectively work with both small and large consignments of goods, including perishable ones. We also accept and dispatch oversized cargo, such as industrial equipment, agricultural machinery, boats and yachts. We promptly send urgent deliveries.

Our warehouses use an automated system of accounting for goods, we keep warehouse and accounting documentation.

Highly qualified specialists will be involved in working with your goods, which will completely eliminate the likelihood of any delays, hitching or mistakes.

At the same time, the cost of the cross-docking service in Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev and Odessa is not too high, the price will pleasantly surprise you.

Order cross-docking by sending an application on the website. If you have any questions, call our manager by phone.

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