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Marking of goods is the applying process of special stickers, tags, labels, inscriptions applying to the product itself or its packaging, box, containers. As a rule they contain a barcode, as well as text or graphic information.

Labeling facilitates the identification of cargo in the process of loading, unloading, sorting, placement in a warehouse, delivery to the recipient. With the correct labeling of the goods, the risk of errors, as well as damage to the goods during transportation and processing at the warehouse is minimized. Properly labeled cargo is easier and faster to work with both the sender and the recipient, freight forwarders and warehouse employees.

Types of labeling and requirements


Depending on the purpose and time of application, the marking of goods can be:

1 Product

Contain information on the name and grade of the product, the date of its release, the manufacturer, etc.

3 Transport

It is applied by the carrier to identify and record goods during transportation.

2 Sending

Informs about the sender and recipient of the goods, points of departure and receipt, gross and net weight.

4 Special

Warns about the peculiarities of handling this or that cargo.

Correct labeling has an intuitive visual form and meets international standards. The pigment, which is applied to conventional images, barcodes, text on stickers, tags, labels, is resistant to abrasion and other influences. The marking should be located on the goods so that it can be easily read when accounting and processing goods.

"Rona-2" company service


Marking of goods in LLC "Rona-2" can be ordered both separately and in the complex of storage services. We have at our disposal modern equipment and qualified staff. We approach to the fulfillment of any task responsibly and within the indicated time period we qualitatively mark the required volume of goods. In the future, it will be easy for the customer to find in the total mass of the product the right name, batch, quantity, keep the balances in the warehouse under control.

Cargo labeling and other storage services of "Rona-2" LLC will help you:

  • save time and finances on the search and attraction of additional employees, the purchase of specialized equipment for processing and accounting of goods in the warehouse;
  • gain confidence that the goods will be properly executed, placed, received and shipped.

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