Maintenance of warehouse accounts for clients

Outsourcing of accounting functions around the world is recognized as one of the most effective tools for organizing accounting at an enterprise. Keeping inventory records for customers is a popular service of LLC Rona-2 in Dnipro. For the successful development of the business, the uninterrupted operation of the warehouse is of no small importance. The company offers mutually beneficial cooperation in maintaining warehouse records. It is also possible accounting support of the customer’s business. On a contractual basis we take responsibility for keeping records, and you save time and finances.


Advantages of outsourcing warehouse services

By concluding a cooperation agreement with Rona-2 LLC, the customer receives the following guarantees and benefits:

  • Competent “turnkey” storage accounting - preparation of primary documentation, acceptance certificates, write-off acts. Reporting, inventorying, etc.;
  • Strict adherence to the timing of the transfer of necessary documentation;
  • Use of modern technologies of warehouse accounting and specialized software, which is easy to integrate with customer software;
  • Professional approach of warehouse employees of Rona-2 LLC to solving assigned tasks;
  • Recommendations for optimizing the logistics of the enterprise;
  • Reasonable tariffs, favorable pricing policy.

The service of maintaining warehouse accounting is ordered both separately and under an outsourcing agreement for a complex of warehouse services.

Inventory control
Order a service in “Rona-2”

Our company has developed effective cooperation schemes with enterprises of various fields of activity and forms of ownership. Warehouse accounting for customers is planned based on the specific needs of the business and an affordable budget. Order the service online on the site - and within the agreed time frame, you will receive up-to-date and systematic information on the movement of goods of your company in the warehouses of RONA-2 LLC. Our customers have at their disposal relevant and reliable information about:

  • receipts and shipments of goods from the warehouse;
  • condition and safety of the goods placed;
  • identified surpluses, shortages, returns, marriages, etc.

The transfer of warehouse accounting for outsourcing to Rona-2 is a guarantee of the productive and uninterrupted operation of your warehouse. Take a step towards optimizing the logistics component of the business – make an application online. Managers will reply shortly!

Interested in cooperation?

We do not just store your cargo, but we are responsible for the quality of safety and its quantity. We are reliable assistant in business with an individual approach to customers.