Storage for mineral fertilizers, pesticides, agrochemicals

LLC "Rona-2" has its own warehouse in the city of Dnipro, for which the Sanitary Passport No. 3 issued by the Office of the State Consumer Service in the Dnipropetrovsk Region, as well as an extensive fleet of specialized equipment has been obtained. The company provides services for the responsible storage of mineral fertilizers, pesticides, agrochemicals. We cooperate with enterprises engaged in the production and sale of fertilizers, as well as using them to increase the fertility of the land.

Storage for mineral fertilizers, pesticides, agrochemicals: specific features of location, equipment, use

Склад хранения агрохимии должен быть расположен и оснащен так, чтобы качественные характеристики размещенной в нем продукции оставались неизменными, она не подвергалась негативному воздействию внешних факторов. Удобрения не должны представлять опасность для окружающей среды. Складские помещения располагают как минимум в 200 метрах от жилых, производственных, общественных и других зданий. Склад должен быть построен из железобетонных, деревянных, кирпичных элементов. В зависимости от особенностей того или иного удобрения к складам предъявляют и дополнительные требования.

Например, аммиачная селитра является взрывоопасным веществом, поэтому на складах хранения минеральных удобрений такого типа особое внимание уделяется пожарной безопасности. Если для хранения селитры используется отдельная территория, являющаяся частью склада, она должна быть отделена противопожарной кирпичной стеной.

Warehouse for accommodation

Evaluation of a number of criteria

  • Chemicals are not caked, are not compressed into a mass, which is then will be difficult to separate, pack.
  • Fertilizers do not dampen, because of which their presentation can lost and their performance will deteriorates.
  • Products are not exposed to sunlight, heat and other external factors, resulting in which prevents a reduced levels of nutrients, and hence the effectiveness of fertilizers.

Thus, in the mineral fertilizer storage warehouse, the correct temperature regime, good moisture and gas removal must be ensured. Warehouses of LLC "Rona-2" fully comply with applicable environmental and sanitary requirements, production standards, construction standards.

Other competitive advantages of "Rona-2"

By concluding a cooperation agreement with Rona-2 LLC, you receive an effective solution developed based on the specific requirements of the business:

Mineral fertilizer storage warehouse with convenient transport location, wide entrances, comfortable parking;

  • modern technical equipment, a competent approach to the placement, sorting, packaging of products;
  • qualified personnel working quickly, harmoniously, responsibly;
  • flexible tariffs for enterprises of various sizes and fields of activity.

The service of safekeeping, pesticides, agrochemicals, mineral fertilizers from LLC "Rona-2" is a real cost savings for the maintenance of our own warehouse space and the staff of employees. At the same time, you gain confidence in the correct placement of products and the preservation of quality characteristics throughout the entire period of being in stock.

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Warehouse for storage of mineral fertilizers

The high yield of Ukrainian fields depends on the timely introduction of agrochemicals. Pesticides need storage and only proper organization will allow the use of fertilizers with maximum profitability.

Features of warehouses for storage of agrochemicals

The premises in which agrochemicals are stored must comply with a number of strict criteria and regulations. When storing, take into account the seasonality, uneven purchases of chemicals. Only strict adherence to the rules will preserve the necessary qualities, such as friability or uniformity. The depressing consequences of improper storage are the loss of plant nutrients, fertilizers become completely unusable and cannot be used for their intended purpose.

The warehouses of the company "RONA-2" were built taking into account all the necessary requirements; they are full-fledged warehouses for storing pesticides.

It is known that wetting agrochemicals leads to the loss of useful properties and causes environmental harm. In this regard, we have provided complete waterproofing, water cannot penetrate into the warehouse and wet agrochemicals, your pesticides will be completely protected by snow or heavy rainfall, subsoil water will not penetrate into the warehouse.

The premises are equipped with a ventilation system and an inflow of fresh air. In summer, forced ventilation is turned on, and in winter, the temperature necessary for storing agrochemicals is maintained, you can not be afraid that pesticides will freeze and lose their commercial qualities.

Environmental rules state that warehouses for storing agrochemicals should be located 200 meters from housing and other buildings, have convenient entrances for vehicles, some area for grinding and mixing fertilizers. All these rules are observed in our warehouses in Dnepropetrovsk.

An effective fire safety system has been created, surveillance cameras have been installed, which completely excludes the possibility of a fire or theft of your fertilizers.

How fertilizers are stored in a warehouse

All types of agrochemicals and pesticides can be stored in our warehouses.

You can deliver mineral fertilizers to the warehouse in bulk or in packaged form. Bulk materials will be loaded into special compartments, which are separated by shields, and packed fertilizers will be stacked in 12-15 tier stacks.

Such fertilizer as ammonium nitrate requires special storage conditions: it must be stored in protected sections, as it is an explosive substance, therefore, the compartments with this fertilizer in our warehouses are separated by a strong brick wall.

Liquid fertilizers are stored in closed tanks, warehouses are equipped with modern pumping equipment.

To separate and designate potassium chloride, urea, ammophos, ammonium nitrate, nitrophosphate, bags are labeled with a barcode at the warehouse. At the same time, electronic automated accounting of the receipt and delivery of fertilizers to the addressee is maintained, accounting and accounting documentation is competently drawn up for the goods.

Each of our warehouse employees has permission to work in the warehouse for storing agricultural chemicals, and regularly undergoes a medical commission.

Many of our clients are concerned about the cost of a warehouse for storing mineral fertilizers in Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev and Odessa. Note that the price of such a warehouse is very affordable for both large enterprises and small companies in the agro-industrial complex.

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